Students have access to digital cameras, computers, and easily accessible digital media, including: animation software, video editing software, photo editing programs, and other digital resources. In addition, students have access to visual art materials such as clay, pencils, markers, pastels, paper, and other art supplies. 

Once in a half year families are invited to school for an interactive digital media exhibit. During this show, Students share their artifacts with their family and friends in an interactive and lively environment.


At the end of this program, Students can

  •  Understand the basics of animation, and computer graphics techniques. And understand these techniques role in construction, architecture, engineering,  medicine, education, film, gaming and other industries.    
  •  Express ideas, feelings and experiences in visual form (Painting, Drawing, Digital images, animations, videos,  etc ) and with imagination,  enjoyment  and  a sense of fulfilment .
  •  Realize his\her natural abilities and potential. Student’s spontaneity and risk- taking are encouraged.
  •  Understand the creative processes involved in making two and three-dimensional art.
  •  Understand the basics of marketing and able to use visual art as a tool for advertising.
  • Understand the methods to convert the script in to visual form.
  • Understand the importance of synergy and team work.
  • Self-esteem of the students gets increased. Students do their everyday work creatively and smartly.
  • Use the computer as a creativity tool - not just as a typewriter, play station, library, or television.



Clay Modelling


Creating scientific drawings  – animal cell, cross sectional view of motor etc.
Create animations – the solar system, working of battery etc.
                                               Photo collages of country/state/history period etc.
Creating 3D object - manipulating shapes, calculating area, volume, perimeter etc.


2D Animation

3D Animation

Engineering Graphics


Digital Drawing

Digital Painting


A business unit of BIMBAM is offering a Digital Art course exclusively for high school students at affordable cost


“Digital Art for School Students” is nothing but the modern era drawing class in schools. Every presentation or communication includes photos, graphics, video and other multimedia elements. Everyone must be able to communicate in this increasingly non textual and multi-media way. Digital art can be easily integrated into every subject. Few applications are shown below